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Our complimentary nurse clinics include:

  • Weight Management. Overweight pets have a greater risk of developing debilitating illnesses such as arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, breathing difficulties and tumours. This complimentary service to clients is aimed at reducing bodyweight safely and in a nutritionally balanced way to help restore mobility, energy and quality of life.
  • Pre Neuter Check. This service is available to owners of cats and dogs, male and female. Our nurses will examine your pet and ensure that they are suitable to proceed with neutering based on its age, general health and in relation to bitches; whether or not they are “in heat or season”.
  • New Pet Check. This pre vaccination examination gives new owners an opportunity to get the right advice on training, feeding, neutering, insurance, and socialisation. This service is extended to clients who may have re-homed or rescued an older pet.
  • Seniors Check. We encourage this examination to all registered pets over 8 years old, and in the case of Giant Breeds, 5 years and older. Our qualified nurse will perform a head to tail health check, including urine analysis completely free of charge, to ensure that underlying health problems can be identified sooner and treated more effectively.
  • Dental Check.   This service is open to registered pets of all ages, and is included as standard in the senior’s check. An examination of the teeth, gums and mouth is performed, and if a problem is identified we can recommend treatments or refer your pet for an examination with the vet if necessary, without obligation.
  • Post Operative Check. Immediately after and in the weeks following surgery, (routine and non-routine), our nurse is happy to check over your pet for well being, healing, and optimal recovery. She can demonstrate and recommend physical therapies, monitor weight, advise regarding nutrition, remove sutures, and check/ redress wounds.

Consultations with our Nurses are free of charge. If charges for further treatment or products are necessary, this will be discussed before charges are incurred.