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Keyhole Spay For Cats and Dogs – Here are the Benefits

Keyhole Spay For Cats and Dogs – Here are the Benefits

What is Keyhole Spay?

Keyhole spay surgery

Keyhole spay on a dog

Laparoscopic surgery commonly known as Keyhole Spay  is performed using a camera and instruments placed through small incisions in the body wall of your cat or dog. One of the main reasons why laparoscopy can be used in the veterinary world is for neutering female dogs and cats. (keyhole spays).

A keyhole spay is the term used to describe the procedure of neutering using a minimally invasive technique, where the surgery is performed inside the body.

How The Keyhole Spay Performed?

Firstly, the abdomen is inflated with carbon dioxide gas (CO2), so the abdominal wall is elevated, creating a working and a viewing space. The procedure involves making two small skin incisions (between 0.5-1cm long each), in the middle of the abdomen, compared to the larger incision required for a traditional bitch or cat spay. One is for a tiny camera (called a laparoscope), which displays a magnified image of the structures on a monitor, and helps the surgeon to find the organs. The other hole is for a long slender instrument that allows the surgeon to both suspend and remove the ovaries by cauterizing and cutting the tissue, so no sutures are placed inside.

Benefits Of Keyhole Surgery (laparoscopy)

The main benefits of laparoscopy are:

  •  Minimal to no bleeding, as the blood vessels are sealed with an electrocautherizer (piece of the equipment which uses electricity to heat, seal and finally cut the blood vessels), instead of making knots by hand.
  •  Reduced surgical trauma because the ovaries do not need to be pulled out of the abdomen, so there is no tearing of ligaments or stretching on internal tissue.
  •  Reduced levels of pain and discomfort after surgery, which leads to quicker recovery times
  •  Less skin sutures which reduces the risk of the dog licking the wound or pulling stitches out
  •  Smaller wounds that minimises the risk of infection
  • Faster healing and recovery times.

If you would like to discuss a possible keyhole spay for your cat or dog give me a call at my surgery on (01) 802 7604 or you can contact me using the contact form on my website which can be found by clicking here

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