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Feeding Cats What is the Best Nutrition for Your Cat

Feeding cats -what should you be feeding your cat? What should you be feeding Cats? before you decide on your cats diet you  need to consider what cats will need in the wild to determine the best food sources for them. In the wild, cats will eat mice and birds, and...

Why Cats Scratch

Even cats that roam freely outside look for something when indoors that they can scratch. There are several reasons why a cat needs to scratch; They will scratch to sharpen their claws. They will show their superiority over weaker cats. They will be exercising the...

Cat grass….what’s that for?

Cat Grass Helps Cats Get Rid Of Those Hair Balls You should consider having some cat grass available for your cat to eat as they need to swallow it at times to help regurgitate hair that they have ingested while grooming themselves. You can get this cat grass from pet...

Boarding your cat when you go away on holidays

Boarding Your Cat - Things To Consider There will be times when you might need to consider putting your cat in a cattery. If you are going on an overseas holiday or even a local holiday for a period of time and you are unable to find somebody to care for your cat at...

Care for an Aging Cat & Cat Behaviour Problems

Looking after the old friend..your Aging Cat! Aging cats are going to take a little more maintenance as they get older and visits to the vet should become more regular to ensure that any problems are dealt with before they become a bigger worry. Older cats will need a...
Did You Know That Pets Can Improve Your Mental Health

Did You Know That Pets Can Improve Your Mental Health

Some Of The Ways That Pets Can Improve Your Mental Health Sometimes we think that owning a pet is a great way to add to our family or that we are doing our pet a service by saving them from an uncertain future. These alone are great reasons to own a pet; however,...

Here Are Some Of The Social Benefits to Owning a Pet

Here Are Some Of The Social Benefits to Owning a Pet

When You and Your Pet Become More Social - Opportunities May Come Your Way We have all seen the movies or commercials where the cute guy is walking his equally cute dog and manages to strike up conversations with women everywhere along the way. It is true that owning...

Do Pet Owners Live Longer?

Do Pet Owners Live Longer?

Do We Live Longer If We Own A Pet Do pet owners live longer lives? Studies are showing that pet owners do in fact live longer lives. However, those same studies are beginning to show that pet owners may also live healthier and happier lives. There are many benefits to...

Holidays and Your Cat

Holidays and Your Cat

What happens at holiday time you need to go away and leave your cat alone? The best solution, provided it is available, is to find somebody who will house sit and mind your cat at home, as the cat will feel most comfortable in familiar surroundings. You can also find...

The Nature of Cats

The Nature of Cats

While cats can't talk they are extremely good at communicating with us. They purr to let us know that they are happy. There are other reasons why cats will purr. A mother will know that her kittens are in good health by their purring. Kittens also purr when they want...

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