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Feeding Cats What is the Best Nutrition for Your Cat

Feeding cats -what should you be feeding your cat? What should you be feeding Cats? before you decide on your cats diet you  need to consider what cats will need in the wild to determine the best food sources for them. In the wild, cats will eat mice and birds, and...

Why Cats Scratch

Even cats that roam freely outside look for something when indoors that they can scratch. There are several reasons why a cat needs to scratch; They will scratch to sharpen their claws. They will show their superiority over weaker cats. They will be exercising the...

Cat grass….what’s that for?

Cat Grass Helps Cats Get Rid Of Those Hair Balls You should consider having some cat grass available for your cat to eat as they need to swallow it at times to help regurgitate hair that they have ingested while grooming themselves. You can get this cat grass from pet...

Boarding your cat when you go away on holidays

Boarding Your Cat - Things To Consider There will be times when you might need to consider putting your cat in a cattery. If you are going on an overseas holiday or even a local holiday for a period of time and you are unable to find somebody to care for your cat at...

Care for an Aging Cat & Cat Behaviour Problems

Looking after the old friend..your Aging Cat! Aging cats are going to take a little more maintenance as they get older and visits to the vet should become more regular to ensure that any problems are dealt with before they become a bigger worry. Older cats will need a...
What to Feed Your Cat

What to Feed Your Cat

Feed Your Cat At Regular Times Daily Always try to feed your cat at the same time every day as cats become used to regular feeding times and it is a lot easier to feed them at these times. Even though you might see your cat eating bits and pieces off the ground...

Microchipping of Dogs Regulations Ireland 2015

Microchipping of Dogs Regulations Ireland 2015

On 27 February 2015 the Government published regulations for the microchipping of dogs. These regulations apply to all dogs. The time table for the implementation of microchipping is: • Pups – born after 1st June 2015 must be microchipped upon reaching age of 12...

Cats and Children Are They A Good Mix?

Cats and Children Are They A Good Mix?

If you have small children in the house and in particular those under the age of three then a cat might not be the best pet to have around. This is taking into consideration both the child and the cat's well-being. Cats love to snuggle into people for company and...

Create A Good Environment for Your Cat

Create A Good Environment for Your Cat

It is important that you keep your environment safe for your cat, as they are very inquisitive animals and will get into all sorts of trouble given half the chance. Living near a road is a major concern for any cat owner, as cats love to wander around the neighborhood...

Dog Breeding – Finding New Homes For All The Puppies

Dog Breeding – Finding New Homes For All The Puppies

A lot of dog owners these days started breeding without definite plans in the future for the puppies. Some of them bred dogs because their relatives and friends wanted to take one of the pups; but what if no one took the pups? What will you do? Dog placing is vital...

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