Be Selective About Where You Board Your Cat

catteryThere will be times when you might need to consider putting your cat in a cattery.
If you are going on an overseas holiday or even a local holiday for a period of time and you are unable to find somebody to care for your cat at your own home, then the safest solution would be to take your cat to a cat boarding home.

If you know that this is something that will be required in the future then you should take the time to do some research and find out how well these cat boarding homes are run.
You should talk to people who you know and trust who have already put their cat in a boarding home, and ask them how they felt their cat handled the stay and how it behaved when they brought it back home.

Also, you should ask them if they saw any change in the condition of their cat after coming home from the cattery.

Once you have done a bit of research and found recommendations from other people it is worthwhile taking the time to visit these boarding homes to see how they are run, and to look at the conditions that your cat will be living in for the period that it will be staying there.

Try to get a boarding home that is close to your house so there is less travel to and from the boarding home for your cat, which will relieve some of its stress.

Also, make sure that your cat will not come into contact with other animals that could result in health problems.

If your cat is on any special diet or medication, talk to the staff at the boarding home to make sure that they are happy to give your cat the specific diet that it requires, or the medication that it needs to remain healthy.

If you do your research well, your cat will enjoy its holiday as much as you enjoy yours.

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