Cat Grass Helps Cats Get Rid Of Those Hair Balls

cat grassYou should consider having some cat grass available for your cat to eat as they need to swallow it at times to help regurgitate hair that they have ingested while grooming themselves.
You can get this cat grass from pet stores and grow it in a specific area of your property where you know that it will be free from poisons and chemicals. If the cat gets into the habit of using this grass rather than any other plants on the property to help regurgitate these hairballs, then this reduces the chance of it eating something that could be poisonous and cause it to become ill. It is cheap and easy to grow, and can even be grown in a sunny spot on the deck if you’re living in an apartment. It is also a good idea to grow a little catnip, as cats love to nibble on this as well.

It is quite a good idea to get your cat accustomed to eating a little bit of greens while they are still young and you can do this by putting spinach or similar vegetables in a food processor or blender and mix it up fine enough to be added to tinned cat food. This will assist with their digestion and satisfy the need for some greens in their diet. These little bits of extra vegetables that you can add to the diet will help to balance any missing nutrients, vitamins and minerals from the rest of the food they eat. As can be expected from a cat, they will from time to time decide not to eat anything at all with vegetables in it, so you need to add a little bit of variety occasionally to ensure that they are getting good all around nutrition. Baby vegetables that are sold for children are also suitable for feeding to your cat provided of course that there is no garlic or onions in the ingredients as these are detrimental to a cat’s health. Also try not to get baby vegetable formulas that have corn in them as they can cause a spike in your cats blood glucose levels and can over the long-term cause diabetes.

Cat Naps and Sleeping .. Cats Love to Sleep.

Cats are one of the most relaxing pets on earth and they are also one of the most relaxed animals with their ability to sleep almost anywhere at anytime of the day or night. Cats can spend sleeping catover two thirds of their life sleeping but while they may seem to sleep for many hours at a time, they will rarely sleep deeply for more than about 10 minutes at a time. They have the ability to sleep for a short period, commonly called a cat nap, and then awaken in an instant totally refreshed and alert. For the short periods of time that a cat does go into a deep sleep, its basic senses are still highly alert to any danger that might be around them. This allows it to wake in an instant if necessary and get out of a dangerous situation.

A domesticated cat that feels comfortable and secure in its surroundings will not be so ‘on edge’ all the time and will be able to sleep in a more relaxed manner. In these situations the cat can often be a little sleepy when it awakes and even disorientated for short while. This is a more common occurrence with older cats, and particularly those who have lived in the one house all their life. Once they see familiar surroundings or people they are less likely to feel anxious, as this anxiety can sometimes cause them to bite or claw someone before realizing where they are.
When the cat is in a deep sleep its feet, tail and whiskers can twitch periodically as they are in a state of REM (rapid eye movement) If the cat is lying in a hot sunny position it can go into a deep sleep and take a little longer for it to become alert after awakening. On awakening it will generally yawn and stretch and often sit for awhile until it is ready to move about again. Unless there is a very good reason, the cat will never feel rushed.

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