Cat at night

It is important that you keep your environment safe for your cat, as they are very inquisitive animals and will get into all sorts of trouble given half the chance. Living near a road is a major concern for any cat owner, as cats love to wander around the neighborhood in search of other cats or company from other people. It is not uncommon for cats to wander a long distance particularly at night, and the best bet is probably to keep it confined inside at night so you know where it is.

This might require that you keep it locked inside the house or have an external area that is fenced, in such a manner that the cat can’t climb out remembering that cats are extremely good at climbing and escaping from any enclosure. They also need to be protected from other animals, and in particular dogs that can become quite vicious in the pursuit of a cat.

You really need to use your common sense and look about the environment that your cat is living in to determine any areas that could be a danger to it. Having a cat door that will provide your cat with unrestricted access to the house is essential for any cat that prefers to spend some of its time outside during the day or night. Cats can pick up infections from other animals, or from the feces that has been left about by other animals, so you need to know where your cat is wandering and whether those places could be endangering its health in any way. By having your cat neutered there is less chance that it will wander about the neighborhood looking for other cats. If your cat isn’t kept within a confined area then you will need some form of identification on it should it ever get lost.

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