New born puppies A lot of dog owners these days started breeding without definite plans in the future for the puppies. Some of them bred dogs because their relatives and friends wanted to take one of the pups; but what if no one took the pups? What will you do?

Dog placing is vital because you can’t possibly take care of all the puppies once they grow up right? Well, if you’re that rich, you may be able to give the puppies a decent home. What if you can’t?

On the pups’ sixth week, dog breeders are already preparing for the placing of their pups.Yorkie Puppies Six puppies are too much to handle and it can ruin your home if you leave them unattended. At this age, the puppies are curious and they prefer to wander around and explore their surroundings. This is the best time for socialization. As a dog breeder, it is your responsibility to provide them enough space for exploration and socialization but at the same time, you need to ensure their safety.

On the seventh to eight week of the puppies, you can already start looking for potential buyers or new owners. At this age, pups are more comfortable in dealing with other people. However, in the case of insecure pups, you need to give them more time. Did you take your pups for temperament tests? So what’s the result?

Placing pups in their new homes entails a lot of legwork. You need to ensure that their new owners are responsible enough to care for your pups. It’s also not a good idea to sell the puppies at the very first customers that pass by. There are even times when you need to consider selling the pups somewhere else and not just in your area. You need to ensure that the pups won’t end up in animal shelters. What if a buyer returned the pup? What will you do? Can you afford to keep the extra pups as additional pets? All these questions should be answered before you started dog breeding.

New puppy ownersWhen a potential buyer approaches you, you should conduct a bit of background check. Try to check what kind of work they do, how many kids they have, where they live, if they have pets at home, and other related things. If you want, you can create a questionnaire for them to answer or you can interview them personally. It’s very important that you get a glimpse of the life of the buyer so that you can at least tell if the new owner can handle the responsibility of taking care of the pup.

Once you checked the background of the buyer, you can now decide to sell the pup. The papers should be prepared especially the license of the pups. Make sure that you submitted the registrations of the pups early on so that by the time you sell the puppies, the registration papers are ready to go.

If the rest of the pups are not sold, you can give it as a gift to love one. You can also ask your relatives if they are willing to care for a new dog. If you still end up with the rest of the pups, you will need to care for them until they grow up. Who knows? The dogs might be good for breeding more puppies.

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