Making a good home for your Cat

Caring for your catIt is important that you keep your environment safe for your cat, as they are very inquisitive animals and will get into all sorts of trouble given half the chance. Living near a road is a major concern for any cat owner, as cats love to wander around the neighborhood in search of other cats or company from other people. It is not uncommon for cats to wander a long distance particularly at night, and the best bet is probably to keep it confined inside at night so you know where it is.
This might require that you keep it locked inside the house or have an external area that is fenced, in such a manner that the cat can’t climb out remembering that cats are extremely good at climbing and escaping from any enclosure.

They also need to be protected from other animals, and in particular dogs that can become quite vicious in the pursuit of a cat.
You really need to use your common sense and look about the environment that your cat is living in to determine any areas that could be a danger to it.Having a cat door that will provide your cat with unrestricted access to the house is essential for any cat that prefers to spend some of its time outside during the day or night.
Cats can pick up infections from other animals, or from the feces that has been left about by other animals, so you need to know where your cat is wandering and whether those places could be endangering its health in any way.By having your cat neutered there is less chance that it will wander about the neighborhood looking for other cats. If your cat isn’t kept within a confined area then you will need some form of identification on it should it ever get lost.

Tip 1. In Caring for Your Cat – Be Aware of Your Cat Care Responsibilities

By being aware of how your cat is feeling and what it is doing you will help to ensure that its health remains at an optimum level.There are various different signs that will let you know when your cat is not feeling the best or when some action is necessary where you might need to take it to the vet for a checkup. For instance, if you find that your cat is vomiting, it is not necessarily a problem unless it appears to be apathetic and low on energy. Cats will eat grass to induce vomiting often to eliminate hair that they’ve ingested while grooming themselves.If this is happening consistently then you might need to spend a little more time grooming your cat to remove the excess hair and stop it from swallowing it when it licks itself.Cold food can also cause your cat to vomit and it is not a good idea to take the cat food directly from the refrigerator and feed it to your pet.

Heat the food in a microwave for a few seconds before placing it on the plate and you might find that your cat has a lot less problems with its food. If you find that your cat is scratching itself quite a lot then this can be a sign that it needs additional grooming to remove fleas or ticks.You can often see flea dirt in the fur and even if you can’t find the fleas when grooming this is a sign that they are there and need to be eliminated.There are various different treatments available for fleas, from pills to powders, and even collars that can be worn around the neck.You need to be careful when putting a collar on a cat as they like to climb and these can get caught in branches and other things that could result in dire and life threatening circumstances.Some of the flea treatments can also make your cat feel unwell for a day or two afterwards so look out for any signs and use an alternative treatment next time if you feel that it has been upsetting your cat.

About Cats Eyes

Cats are particularly good at seeing in the dark and that is why they are such good hunters. Their eyes are considerably larger and more spherical than those of a human in proportion to the cats eye care - good cat carerest of their body and this size and shape allows them to see things in conditions where there is very little light.That is why they can easily wander around at night and capture their prey, and if you are unlucky they might just bring it back to show you in the form of bugs, birds, mice and all sorts of other creatures that you don’t want to share your bed with in the middle of the night.Cats will bring their capture in to show you when they are looking for some form of positive recognition and even though you might not want to see what they have caught, they should be congratulated for what they have done where possible.

Cat’s eyesight only allows them to see clearly for a few feet but fortunately that have a keen sense of smell that can help them become aware of approaching danger.They are also very sensitive to vibration and can ‘feel’ someone’s presence before they can see them.As they get older they will tend to be less aware and will need additional care so that they don’t get in trouble with dogs and other animals that they haven’t noticed approaching them.Cats are unable to rotate their eyes as much as humans and many other animals but they are a lot more flexible and can rotate their head a lot more and that more than makes up for any lack of movement in their eyes.Cats are generally more attuned to movement and can find their prey a lot easier in the dark than when there is too much sunlight.

Can You Train A Cat?

The best way to train a cat is by letting it imitate you as though you were its mother.This is easier done when it is a kitten as older cats become a lot more difficult to teach.We all know how cats have a mind of their own and are very independent animals.This only becomes more so as they age.You need to get your cat to trust you and shouting and growling at it is not the right approach to do this. Speak softly and encourage and reward it when it does the right thing as this is the fastest way to get your cat to do what you want.

Cats love praise, and teaching them that they will get more from doing something that you want them to do, will ensure that they will be more inclined to obey you for the reward.If you do have to reprimand your cat don’t use its name when doing so as you don’t want it to associate its name with something that might upset it.When you are training a cat you have to remain consistent at all times and be very diligent until you get the desired results.Expect it to take considerably longer than if you were teaching a dog but don’t believe that you can’t teach a cat to do many things very well. If there are other members in your family, they can help by always ensuring that the same commands that you give to the cat are also given by them.With the help of other people doing this you will have a better chance of training your cat a lot faster.Cats can be a lot of trouble, and that’s part of the reason why we will love them so much, but there will be times when you will need to reprimand your cat and stop bad habits.This can be done by flicking a bit of water at it or by giving it a small fright by making a bit of noise when it does something wrong.A trained cat is a lot more fun and as we have them for many years it is well worth the time and effort.

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