cat holidaysWhat happens at holiday time you need to go away and leave your cat alone?

The best solution, provided it is available, is to find somebody who will house sit and mind your cat at home, as the cat will feel most comfortable in familiar surroundings. You can also find somebody who will come in on a regular basis and feed the cat and sit with it for a short while just to keep it company. The only problem here is what to do with the cat at night as you don’t want it roaming around the neighborhood where it could be endangering itself.

It can be locked in at night not provided there is sufficient water and a litter box. Many cats don’t like to be left in unfamiliar surroundings such as boarding kennels, whereas others are completely happy provided they are getting some form of company and sufficient food throughout the day. If you intend leaving your cat at a boarding kennel do some research first to check on the facilities and if possible talk to other people who have left their cats there to find out whether they would recommend them to other people.

Make sure also if you are leaving your pet at a boarding kennel that it has had sufficient vaccinations to eliminate any possibility of picking up any illness or disease. If your holiday involves traveling by road then it might be an alternative to take your cat with you provided it doesn’t mind traveling in a vehicle. Your need to test by taking your cat on a smaller road trip first to determine whether it feels ill, stressed, or has any other problems before taking it on a longer trip. Don’t leave your pet care to the last minute when planning a holiday. By doing some research in advance you can save your cat a lot of stress.

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