Here at Kelly Veterinary Hospital we recommend neutering your pet. Routinely all procedures are day procedures meaning your pet is dropped in in the morning and collected the same afternoon or evening.

Neutering can be done from 6 months of age onwards. Neutering prevents pregnancies and can be highly beneficial to your pets health in preventing infections within the reproductive system, preventing tumours associated with the reproductive system including mammary and testicular tumours.

We offer a wide range of neutering services include:

  • Male castrations, removal of both testicles

  • Male vasectomy; sperm ducts are cut and sealed to prevent sperm from entering the urethra

  • Female Ovariohysterectomy (conventional spay), removal of full system both ovaries and uterus

  • Female hysterectomy; removal of just uterus, leaving the ovaries remaining

  • Female Laparoscopic spay/ Keyhole Spay; A less invasive method of neutering your female pet, for more information see below.

Laparoscopic Spay/ Keyhole Spay

In Kelly Veterinary Hospital our aim is to provide outstanding surgical care to our patients, neutering is a common procedure for ones pets but we often don’t think of the surgical trauma on ..their bodies. It has always been our objective to minimise the extent of surgical trauma as well as incision size. Dr Kelly had laparoscopic surgery on his own knee, he was amazed at how small the incision sizes were and how quickly he recovered. It was from that moment on he sought out a less invasive way to preform surgical procedures in his own our patients. In 2007 Dr Paul Kelly studied laparoscopic surgery to perform keyhole neutering on animals.

This method reduces postsurgical discomfort and shortens recovery time. The procedure is performed using a laparoscope(camera) through two tiny 5mm incisions. The scope allows our surgical team to view the inside of the abdomen on a screen where magnified views of the organs allow for greater precision. The ovarian ligament is then carefully cut and cauterized, rather than torn and the ovaries removed. The wounds are sealed using either a single stitch or medical grade skin glue. Patients don’t require a cone and are able to return to normal exercise within a few days of surgery.

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