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At Kelly Veterinary Hospital we vaccinate dogs, cats and rabbits.

Dr Paul Kelly owner and founder of Kelly Veterinary Hospital has over 25 years experience in performing orthopaedic procedures. It is with an experienced nursing team and well equipped surgical theatre we aim to provide outstanding orthopaedic care.

Our most common procedures include:


Cruciate/ TTA/ TPLO/ Lateral Imbrication

These procedures are used to secure the stability and movement of the
stifle/knee joint.

Tibial tuberosity advancement (TTA) surgery is performed on dogs who have ruptured their cruciate ligament . This involves an osteotomy (bone cut) of a part of the tibia called the tibial tuberosity. The exact placement of the osteotomy is planned from measurements made from x-rays of the stifle /knee. A titianium cage, titanium plate and titanium screws are then used to stabilise the bone.

TPLO tibial plateau levelling osteotomy is also for ruptured cruciate ligaments. It involves a curved osteotomy/bone cut which re-orientates the tibial plateau in the stifle joint. This osteotomy is secured with titanium plate and titanium screws.

Lateral imbrication is most commonly used in small dogs under 20kg. The surgery involves placing a prosthetic ligament on the lateral side of the joint under the muscle and skin. This also secures
the stability of the joint.


FHO or femoral head ostectomy is used to where there is damage to the head of the femur. The head and neck of the femur are removed to allow pain fee mobility in your pet.


This procedure is used where the kneecap is “popping” in and out of its correct position. This is a common problem in smaller dogs such as yorkshire terriers and jack russell terriers.

Fracture Repairs

The method depends on the nature of the fracture. fixation can be internal using advanced locking plate system which minimises the trauma to the bone while maximising the stability of the affected area.

Spinal Procedures/ Myelogram

We have seen many patients coming to our hospital with decreased mobility or total paralysis in limbs. These issues can be due to blockages in the spine, blockages can be identified using a procedure called a myelogram. Myelograms are preformed by inserting a spinal needle into the spinal canal and injecting a contrast material. The contrast material travels down the spine and x- rays are used to identify problem areas. Once we have identified problem areas Dr Kelly can plan the most appropriate treatment solution which may be surgical.

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