Cats nature

What’s He Thinking?

While cats can’t talk they are extremely good at communicating with us.

They purr to let us know that they are happy.
There are other reasons why cats will purr.
A mother will know that her kittens are in good health by their purring.
Kittens also purr when they want adult cats to play with them.
There are other times when cats will purr such as when a superior cat is trying to approach another cat in a friendly manner.

Cats are very clean animals and even those that are strays, will regularly groom themselves by licking their fur. Male cats will also lick female cats when courting, and another cat will lick its kittens to help stimulate excretion. Cats also like to mark their territory so that other cats know whose property they are on.
They will generally do this by backing up to an object, tree or plant, where they believe another cat has been, and spray urine that will leave a pungent scent that other cats will notice.
Cats will also mark their territory by rubbing the corners of their mouths and their temples against objects as these areas have scent glands.

Sometimes cats might even do this when they feel threatened and this can happen where there is more than one cat in the family and one of those cats is trying to assert itself.
In circumstances such as this you can have a problem where the cats might spray inside the house. Unfortunately this becomes a difficult situation sometimes, as you feel like reprimanding the cat, whereas in reality, assuring the cat has your support might be the fastest solution to stop this from happening. Most cats are quite happy to be on their own and often prefer the company of humans to that of other cats. They can in fact get quite jealous if they think another cat is getting their share of the attention.

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