Here Veterinary Surgeon Paul Kelly Explains The Treatment For TIBIAL TUBEROSITY ADVANCEMENT  (TTA) In Dogs


This is one of the surgeries performed for the repair of cruciate ligament rupture in dogs . After the cruciate ligament is ruptured the joint become unstable . The surgery helps to restore the stability and also remove the pain resulting from the injury
Typically a dog will be lame suddenly after exercise or a road traffic accident. The dog will most likely be holding up one of its hind legs while walking or it may barely touch the ground with it when walking . The cruciate ligament is part of the anatomy of the knee or stifle as it is called in animals .

Diagnosis is by a combination ox radio-graphs and manipulation of the joint . The dog will very often require sedation or general anesthetic to perform both of these procedures It is a very sore injury and the treatment is surgery .The procedure called TTA involves the use of a plate and a cage and screws. This returns the stability to the knee and so removes the pain . Recovery can take approximately 8 to 12 weeks . The dog can often walk days after the surgery .

The dog in this video was operated by myself 8 days before this video was taken .She was walking on the lead with very little evidence of lameness or pain considering that she had surgery only days previously . In fact the owner reported that the dog was walking like this 2 days after surgery .

Even though the dog looks very comfortable Her exercise will still be restricted for another 4 weeks when an x-ray will be taken to confirm that everything is healing properly before she can be exercised .


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